“The Finch Preaching Mission provides a special opportunity annually for Memorial United Methodist Church to bring dynamic preaching personalities to Thomasville so that people will be reached for Christ and the Body of Christ renewed for God’s mission in the world.”


The Finch Preaching Mission which was established in 1959 through the generosity of Mr. Doak and Mrs. Agnes Finch.

A trust fund was instituted in such a manner that the annual income could be used to bring dynamic pulpit personalities to Thomasville. Additional funds have been added to the trust so that the income could keep pace with rising costs.

The Christian spirit and devotion of Doak and Agnes Finch remain very much a part of the Mission and an inspiration to all persons who knew them. The Finch Preaching Mission is one of a multitude of ways in which their Christian witness remains among us.

“Their works do follow them.”

Revelation 14:13


1959 Dr. Robert E. Goodrich, Jr.
1960 Dr. Norman Paullin
1961 Dr. Edmund Perry
1962 Dr. Lawrence Lacour
1963 Dr. Robert E. Goodrich, Jr.
1964 Dr. Bryant Kirkland
1965 Bishop W. Kenneth Goodson
1966 Dr. Edwin Kimbrough
1967 Dr. David MacLennan
1968 Dr. Ernest Gordon
1969 Bishop Earl G. Hunt, Jr.
1970 Dr. Theodore P. Ferris
1971 Dr. Myron S. Augsburger
1972 Dr. Robert E. Goodrich, Jr.
1973 Dr. Wallace E. Fisher
1974 Dr. John N. Gladstone
1975 Dr. David H. C. Read
1976 Dr. Bill Starnes
1977 Dr. John Brokhoff
1978 Dr. Myron S. Augsburger
1979 Dr. John K. Bergland
1980 Dr. Reginald Mallett
1981 Dr. Dennis Kinlaw
1982 Dr. John Killinger
1983 Dr. Reginald Mallett
1984 Dr. William Mallard
1985 Bishop L. Bevel Jones III
1986 Dr. Reginald Mallett
1987 Reverend Dennis Dutton
1988 Reverend Sam Cocker
1989 Reverend J. Ellsworth Kalas
1990 Reverend Bill Hinson
1991 Dr. Bruce Metzger
1992 Reverend James Flemming
1993 Reverend Donald English
1994 Reverend Eddie Fox
1996 Dr. Peter Graves
1997 Dr. Bill Leonard
1998 Dr. James M. Efird
1999 Bishop Ernest Fitzgerald
2000 Reverend Barbara Brokhoff
2001 Dr. Thomas K. Tewell
2002 Reverend Barbara Brokhoff
2003 Dr. Thomas K. Tewell
2004 Dr. John Ed Mathison
2005 Dr. Maxie D. Dunnam
2006 Dr. James B. Buskirk
2007 Dr. John Ed Mathison
2008 Dr. John Ed Mathison
2009 Dr. C. Clifton Black
2010 Bishop William H. Willimon
2011 Rev. Trevor Hudson
2012 Dr. Leonard Sweet
2013 Dr. Ron Rand
2014 Dr. Peter Storey
2015 Bishop L. Jonathan Holston
2016 Dr. Elaine A. Heath
2017 Rev. Dr. Thomas K. Tewell
2018 Rev. Brian Combs
2019 Rev Mike Slaughter