The BIBLE STUDY SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS meets on the second floor of the Main Building in the Church Parlor, Room #222.

The Bible Study Class uses DVD-based studies and open discussion to apply faith to everyday life.

For more information about this Sunday School Class please contact: Zeb Hanner.

The BROWN-FINCH SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS meets on the first floor of the Main Building, Room #112.

The Brown-Finch Class has a small group environment which uses the Adult Bible Studies literature as the foundation for its studies and open discussion.

For more information about the Brown-Finch Class, please contact Skip Price or Hoxie Jones

The NEW BEGINNINGS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS meets on the first floor of the Christian Enrichment Center in the Boy Scout Room, Room #100.

The New Beginnings Class uses DVD-based series each Sunday to generate lively discussion. The class is open to many points of view and opinions.

For More information on this Sunday School Class, please contact Philip Hepler.

R.L. POPE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS is a class of about 58 members that includes male, female, couples, and older adults. Our Sunday school class has been on the radio every Sunday morning at 10 AM for many years. If you are unable to attended you can tune into WGOS 1070 AM and be a part of our radio ministry. We enjoy singing the old hymns from the Cokesbury Hymnal lead by our song leader.
Our teachers are made up of our Sunday School Class members and also we enjoy teachers from our surrounding cities that teach on a regular basis. We use the Adult Bible Studies Curriculum which is a bible based, Christ focused and United Methodist approved curriculum.
We meet each Sunday in the Christian Enrichment Center in the R.L. Pope Classroom Room #110 at 10:00 AM until 10:30 AM.
For more information, please all the church office: 336-472-7718


We are a group of ladies meeting on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.  We meet on the FIRST FLOOR of the MAIN BUILDING in the CHURCH LIBRARY, Room #113.  We try to finish the lesson  around 10:30 AM so choir members can go to choir without missing the lesson.  We then take a few minutes for UMW business and we try to be finished by 10:45 AM.

We range in age from young adult to past retirement age, but we are all young at heart.  Our average attendance is between 10-15.

We study a wide variety of topics. The teacher leads us through at least one of the United Methodist Women’s study books each year.  We also study current trends in the church and how world events affect the church and how the church is called to respond to these events, locally and globally. We have participated in lessons using the Nooma DVD series and Mickey Efird’s Bible Study Series on The Birth narratives and the Passion Narratives.  Our class decides which book or topic we want to study.  We are always looking for interesting and relevant material.

Because we are a UMW circle, we support the projects and causes of the UMW. The UMW Reading Program materials are located in our class space.  We support and visit our special friends at  Piedmont Crossing.

We take an offering each week that we use in a variety of causes, including sponsoring a week of summer day camp for a child at the YMCA, and providing funds for many other mission projects.  We also participate in The UMW’s “hands-on” projects by bringing food or supplies for designated mission projects through out the year.

We don’t have formal events or outings, but we do support each other in our times of need and times of joy.

We are a warm group of women who enjoy being together while leaning how to be better people in God’s world.

We welcome any visitors.  If you are already a member of another circle, you can still be a part of our Sunday School Class, without giving up your circle.

To find out more about this class you may contact either of the co-leaders of the circle.  Ginger Cranford OR Janet Smith

The FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS meets on the third floor of the Main Building in Room #310 during the regular Sunday School hour (10:00 – 10:45). Generally, social time and class business are taken care of first, then the lesson begins around 10:15 AM.

Members of the class decide on the curriculum which is most often the Adult Bible Studies Curriculum. During the summer and special seasons, other short studies may be used. Several members volunteer to teach on a rotating basis with the format being of a discussion nature.

The Fellowship Class is approximately 30 people consisting of couples and singles who are generally fifty years old and older. This class is mission-minded with members being very involved in many different aspects of Memorial Church’s life & leadership. As its name implies, “Fellowship” is a key aspect of this class. Several times a year we may have a picnic, game night, attend a baseball game or go out to eat together. Potential members of any age are welcomed to join.

For more information regarding the Fellowship Class please contact the Class President:  James Carmichael.