ASP 2023

JULY 2 – 8


APPALACHIA SERVICE PROJECT (ASP) is a home repair and construction ministry serving in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  Memorial has been participating in the Summer Youth Service Opportunities Since 1996!  This is a fun and exciting week-long trip that can be transformative for the faith of a participant.  It can draw us closer to God, help us gain greater appreciation for the people and situations in our lives, surround us with deeper, more positive friendships AND build self-esteem by learning new skills and understanding the we can make a positive change in the world!

This experience is for RISING 9th graders (those going into the 9th grade OR those who will be 14 years old by the time of the trip.  You DO NOT need any skills or construction knowledge (or even tools), we have great ADULT leaders who will help you learn and develop the skills you will need to have a successful trip!  Regardless of what you THINK you can do, a trip to ASP can often expand your abilities and do it in a safe and fun way!  Our hope is that you will give this trip a chance and just maybe you might even make a difference in another person’s life (as well as your own!)!

To find out more about Appalachia Service Project please check out the ASP Home Page HERE.

To find out more about ASP at MEMORIAL UMC please check out our MEMORIAL ASP Page HERE.


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Please make these dates a priority.  It is important that you are prepared to go on the trip this summer AND the relationships that are built BEFORE we leave are important in making the trip go smoothly.

***PLEASE NOTE***: In recent years we have had a difficult time with people dropping from the trip at the last minute.  Due to this circumstance, we ask that you make a clear commitment to be at ALL of the training meetings.

FEBRUARY 19 (4 –  6 PM)ASP INTEREST MEETING – we will take a few minutes during YOUTH GROUP on this day to talk about ASP, answer questions, discuss a few rules, go over fundraising opportunities AND get a general idea about WHO is interested in participating this year!  PLEASE COME TO THIS MEETING IF YOU ARE INTERESTED or IF YOU CANNOT … CONTACT RODNEY DENTON  (336) 906-3036 or CHRIS MCCULLOUGH (336) 687-2679 and LET US KNOW YOU ARE INTERESTED!

March 12 (11 AM – 1 PM): ASP Lenten Lunch Fundraiser

March (6 PM): Training Meeting (TBD)

April (6 PM): Training Meeting (TBD)

May 11 (8 AM – 1 PM): Car Wash Fundraiser (Team Selection will be on this  day as well!) (ALL FUNDRAISING MONEY MUST BE TURNED IN & FORMS ARE DUE)

July 1 (9 AM – 12 PM): Van Prep (MUMC Parking lot)

July 2 (7 AM): Commissioning Service at MUMC

July 2 – 8:  Appalachia Service Project TRIP

August 9 (5:30 – 7 PM): ASP Stockholder dinner


Volunteers are required to turn in the following forms by MAY 10:

Here are some information sheets that will help you understand what is expected during the week:


The cost to send ONE PERSON on this trip is typically around $550 HOWEVER we realize that this is A LOT of money, so we have opportunities for how you can RAISE MONEY.  We rely on the fundraising efforts of ALL participants to raise enough money so ALL can go on this trip.  

By far, the MOST IMPORTANT fundraiser that we do is the annual “Stock Sale”.  People (FRIENDS, FAMILY, TEACHERS, COACHES, WORK FRIENDS…) ALL want to give money to a meaningful cause, if you simply take the time to ask, you might be surprised how EASY raising money for ASP really is! Use the resources below or call Rodney (336) 906-3036 or Chris (336) 687-2679 for fundraising ideas!
Your “STOCKHOLDERS” (people who want to invest in YOU) can “invest” $10 (or more) in you to go on the ASP trip and by “investing” in YOU, they get:

  • The ability to participate in the Project without ever having to leave home.  
  • A postcard from the work center sharing what we are doing.
  • An invitation to a banquet in August where they will be able to eat a great meal and hear a report (video) on what happened during the trip.  

Stock Sale Forms: Download these and use them in your fundraising efforts

  • Stock Sale Letter #1 – personalize and send this letter out to potential stockholders.
  • Stock Sale Letter #2 – personalize and send this letter out to potential stockholders.
  • Stock Sale Letter #3 – personalize and send this letter out to potential stockholders.
  • Stock Sale Sales Sheet – please keep good records of who gave you money and with names, addresses and phone numbers!  If we have no address we will not be able to invite them to the dinner or send them a postcard!

Every year we have a Car Wash on a SATURDAY in MAY or early JUNE.  Please make every effort to attend this fundraiser. It is a lot of fun and you will be able to help raise money for the trip!  THIS is also the day that you will find out which team you will be on!

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