Susan Frye will be leaving our staff to become the Parish Administrator and Communications Coordinator at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Greensboro.  This is a great opportunity for her and she will be much closer to her home.  While we are excited for Susan, we will certainly miss her at Memorial.  Susan’s last day in the office will be Monday, February 8.
We have been blessed by Susan’s work among us for the past three years.  Her positive attitude and her willingness to be of assistance to all who have asked has made a difference in the ministry of the church.  We are grateful for her gentle spirit and the kindness she has shared as she has handled the multiple tasks of that position.
We appreciate Susan’s work of leaving things in good order for the person that will follow her.
The Staff Parish Relations Committee has begun the process for filling that position.  The job description is on our website and has been posted at other places.  If you know of someone who may have an interest in applying, please direct them to our website or they may contact Christine Herrick (
CLICK HERE for the job description and more information.