The snow sure was beautiful, BUT it has sort of put a kink in things going on here at the church!
CHURCH CLEAN-UP:  Since we have had difficulty putting away the “What Child Is This…” sets (we will clean this up on Thursday, December 13 at 11 AM – I will detail this in a future email!), we have had difficulty plowing the parking lot, and since we have had difficulty plowing the parking lot, there is still a lot of ice and snow that will inhibit parking in the lot tomorrow! SO…
WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEAL IS CANCELED:  The WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEAL & PROGRAM for tomorrow night (December 12) will be canceled and since this was the LAST Wednesday Night meal scheduled until January, the NEXT WEDNESDAY MEAL will be JANUARY 9!  Put this on your calendars!!!
PROGRAMMING NOTE:  Another interesting development is that Dr. Mickey Efird (Professor Emeritus at Duke Divinity School), who wrote the study on the Gospel of Matthew that we are currently using, recently broke his pelvis!  We were really excited that Dr. Efird was going to join us to discuss the study during one of our Wednesday Night Programs, but for obvious reasons, he will be unable to do so for the foreseeable future!  We ask that you please pray for Dr. Efird’s recovery and be prepared to get back into the Gospel of Matthew on January 9
See you then!!!