…Join Your Pastors for a “Wesleyan Fast” &
Pray for the Welfare of Our City.

Pray for the Welfare of Our City

Our focus this week is on the schools represented in our congregation.
Thomasville City School Board
Kevan W. Callicutt
Keith Raulston
Andrea Walker
James Carmichael
Cheryl Jeffries

Davidson County Schools
Brier Creek Elementary School
Fair Grove Elementary School
Pilot Elementary School
Hasty Elementary School
Friendship Elementary School
Brown Middle School
Ledford Middle School
Oak Grove Middle School
Ledford High School
East Davidson High School
Central Davidson Middle School
Central Davidson High School
Stoner Thomas School
Randolph County Schools
Hopewell Elementary School
Trindale Elementary School
Trinity Elementary School
Archdale Elementary School
John Lawrence Elementary School
Braxton Craven Middle School
Archdale Trinity Middle School
Trinity High School
Wheatmore High School

Join Your Pastors for the Wesley Fast

The fast begins this week, Thursday, February 15, and will continue through Lent.

Typically, the Wesley Fast begins on Thursday after dinner and is broken at 3:00 PM on Friday with a light snack. That said, people often extend the fast to twenty-four hours. Always fast in such a way that it does not compromise your health. If you would like to participate and have health concerns, tailor the fast to your needs. For more information on the Wesley Fast, see the February 7th Thoughts from Your Pastor.

Remember, fasting must forever center on God. We do not fast to lose weight, or to prove to ourselves or others our Christian dedication. We fast because we hunger for God. We are sustained” by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4).  Food does not sustain us; Christ sustains us.  Therefore, in experiencing fasting we are not so much abstaining from food as we are feasting on the word of God.

Ours is a congregational fast, which brings us together, of one mind and in one Spirit. This week we will pray for the schools represented in our congregation, and for the Thomasville School Board as they search for a new superintendent.