8:00 AM

“The Divine Ride” also known as Tracy’s Ride is a fundraiser to help raise money for the mission of Project Divine Interruption, which is a grassroots movement committed to making an immediate difference in the lives of the displaced children of Thomasville, NC.

The Bike ride is open to all skill levels with three routes of 10, 30, and 50 miles.  All routes begin and end in the parking lot of Memorial United Methodist Church at 101 Randolph Street in Thomasville, NC.

This event does not require a Pre-registration Fee, HOWEVER we do accept donations of love offerings to assist the kiddos of Project Divine Interruption with back-to-school necessities. In the spirit of keeping overhead down and as much of the donations going to the people who need them, there are no “official” t-shirts or post-ride meals. Our intent is to keep The Divine Ride a low-key event, designed for fun and fellowship, from the new cyclist to the experienced rider….to the enthusiastic volunteer:-)

REGISTRATION FORM can be found HERE.  For more Information, please contact Tracy Brinkley, Chair of Memorial UMC Mission Committee.