Amanda Collett
John 9:1-17

Christ cured many who were blinded by disease or accident; here he cured one who was born blind. Thus he showed his power to help in the most desperate cases, and the work of his grace upon the souls of sinners, which gives sight to those blind by nature. This poor man could not see Christ, but Christ saw him.  If we know or comprehend anything about Christ, it is because we were first known by him. Christ says that uncommon calamities are not always to be looked on as special punishments of sin; sometimes they are for the glory of God, and to manifest his works. Our life is our day.  Our concern is to do the work of the day. We must be busy, and not waste day-time; it will be time to rest when our day is done, for it is but a day.

Prayer: Lord, we pray that you will indeed open our eyes. Help us to acknowledge that we are very inadequate people. We do not know how to solve our problems. There is no course we can take that will deliver us from ourselves. Help us, Lord, to come, like this man, and worship at your feet, to recognize that you have come into the world to give us light in our darkness, to lead us through the bewildering paths that we must trod, and bring us to the place of cleansing and of opened eyes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.