Jim Mcghee
John 17:1-11

Being one in Christ

John 17, reveals that Jesus is praying to God the Father knowing that within just a few hours he will be betrayed and live the last hours of his human existence crucified on a cross.  He will complete His mission and the reason why he came to this earth, but we see Him praying for his disciples and future believers.  He prays that God will protect future believers if they realize they will be one in Christ just as Christ is one in God the Father.  Being one in Christ Jesus means we have a new life in Him.  When Christ lives in you and me, we can reveal God’s love to the world through our love for others.  We  reveal God’s love by the way we live our lives, through the words we speak and our actions.  In my opinion, it is God’s living Word of the Gospel that has the power to give faith and belief that Jesus is the Son of God.  When the Gospel is spoken through the Holy Spirit through our words, salvation can come to our neighbors and friends.

Prayer:  O Lord, we pray that You will give us opportunities to share your living Word with others so they might receive the joy of their Salvation in Christ Jesus.  Amen.