Mike and Janice Lanning

Deuteronomy 8:11-20
Deuteronomy 8:18 says, “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

The past few years our family has experienced many blessing from the Lord. We set up a new home, watched all four children graduate from college and welcomed two new members through marriage. However, we have also endured tough times, including the death of two parents and several close friends, chronic conditions in our health and the health of our children, and the ever changing life of getting older.

As we look back at these times, we are ashamed that we found ourselves praying harder and crying out to God more during hard times than praising him during good times. This passage tells us that we must thank God for all his blessings if we want Him to remember us and continue to bless us. We must continue to try to praise God for our blessings more, instead of just crying out during our struggles.
Prayer: Dear God, we are sorry that we have not acknowledged you for all of our many blessings with the same vigor that we have when we needed you. Please forgive us for our shortcomings and help us to do a better job praising you for all our many blessings.
Thought for the Day: It is just as important to praise God for our blessings as it is to ask God for his help during hard times.