Norris Norwood

Mark 2:18-22

Letting go of old things can be both easy and difficult. A trip to Goodwill to drop off a box full of old clothes and used house goods can be cathartic during spring cleaning. How exciting is it for us when the delivery person from Lowe’s or Home Depot pulls into the driveway with a brand new fancy appliance to replace one that’s old or not working? We get excited over new clothes for school each fall, a new car when we replace the one we’re driving, a new home or apartment, even a new haircut. But, what about that favorite beat-up old college sweatshirt, or those not-so-artistic Christmas ornaments made by your kids many years ago, or a favorite watch that a loved one gave you which no longer functions? Getting rid of those kinds of things can create heart palpitations for some and cause others to shed tears. We can all recall the mild panic that occurred a while back when Congress ruled that all over-the-air television signals would switch to digital, making analog TVs obsolete without a new converter box.

Jesus’ teaching through the parables of old and new was a call to the Pharisees to give up their Old Testament relationship to God through antiquated rituals and sacrifice and form a new direct relationship with God through Him, Christ Jesus. Generations later, are there 21st century “old things” for us that we need to give up or get rid of in order to be closer to Christ?
Prayer: Dear God, as we begin this season of Lent, remind us daily of the ultimate sacrifice that you gave through your Son, Jesus Christ. Give us mindfulness along with the will to strive to find “old things” in our lives that we can let go of in order to be closer to You. Through Christ Jesus, Amen.