Meredith and Ralph Eanes

Mark 8:27-30

It hasn’t been long since we were gathered around the crèche in Bethlehem marveling at the birth of the Messiah. Now, in this scripture, we find the grown-up Jesus with his band of disciples wandering the countryside. Mark says they are in Caesarea Philippi outside Galilee. There are holy places all around. Tradition says the Greek God of Nature, Pan, was born here. King Philip has built a temple to the “God” Caesar here. There are “Gods” all around. People here are wondering which “God” is going to show up.

Jesus asks the disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Peter says, “Jesus, YOU are the Messiah.” With that answer, Jesus knew these disciples were beginning to understand who he was.

But immediately Jesus says to them, “Don’t tell anyone who you think I am.”

Jesus knew he had not failed in teaching these disciples—but he had so much more teaching to do before they got to Jerusalem.

Prayer: Jesus, we have been trying to follow you. You have always been with us, helping us understand who you are and what you want us to do. We thank you. Amen.

Thought for the Day: What about me? Who do I say Jesus is?