Brant Conner

Jeremiah 22:13-23
Your house is on fire!! Your family and pets are safe but you only have time to gather up one armful of belongings. What would those items consist of ? If you are like me, they would be of children and grandchildren photos, scrap books, heirlooms passed down from parents, children’s artwork, etc. I bet you would not gather up the most expensive things first. Jesus said, “Show me what you treasure and I will show you your heart.” Our heart leads us to the truly important things in our life. We all know this but we still fall into the trap of this material world we live in. Jeremiah speaks to this very trap that we all are subject to falling into. Seek to serve all people!! This is the only thing that will bring total joy and fulfillment.

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, give us the clarity to see your will for our lives. Give us the patience to seek your guidance and the passion to serve you through serving others. Amen.