ROMANS 6:1-11
Throughout our daily lives, it is extremely easy to get caught up within the harms of sin. Whether your battle be small or large, or a combination, it has the capability of being rather intimidating, especially when fighting alone.

Judging off of personal experience, trying to carry the weight of one’s sins has the ability to result in feelings of fear, grief, and anxiety. As much as one can wish that these are independent emotions, commonly they are everything but that. The listed emotions have the tendency to bring forth anger and confusion in our mental manners, making us feel lonely and deprived of hope. Sin has the ability to bring us to our absolute lowest point. When reaching our most detrimental periods in our lives, it is necessary to find strength in an exterior source, such as our Savior.

I have found that by casting my worries and regrets onto my own Lord, I am able to teach others to do the same. I write this devotion to a universal audience in a hope that in some form, my words may bring you a sense of safety and security. I have reached my absolute lowest points in the journey of discovering myself, and I’m certain there will be many more to come. Without seeking salvation from my neighbors and the word itself, I would lack the strength to use my devotion to tell you that as you feel consumed by sin, Christ is the universal solvent put into place to whisk all uncertainties off of your individual slate. You have the capability to derive strength from a higher power, this being Christ himself.

Prayer: Almighty Father, forgive us for our sins, for they are many. Give us the peace that only comes with the sweet surrender of our guilt and shame and the gentle embrace of grace and acceptance. AMEN.

Thought for the Day : “Sin and forgiveness and falling and getting back up and losing the pearl of great price in the couch cushions but then finding it again, and again, and again? Those are the stumbling steps to becoming Real, the only script that’s really worth following in this world or the one that’s coming.” -Brennan Manning