Dee Ellis

John 8:32

Passage…… “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest trials we go through in life. Throughout my career as a physician, there have been many life stresses dealing with events for which we have no control over the inevitable outcome. One of the most heart wrenching events for everyone involved is the loss of an unborn child because we have no answers. Each person carries a life long scar with reoccurring emotions after this type of trial. I, personally, have developed a philosophy which allows me to have future peace in these times.

We seek Divine guidance to sort through the storm of emotions. We often blame ourselves for the outcome which we consider a personal failure. We fail to consider the Divine approach…….

A young couple decides to have a child. They asked God for this wonderful blessing and He agrees. With this request comes extreme parenting responsibilities. The pregnancy occurs and joy abounds. Then a devastating event, a miscarriage occurs filling their hearts with deep despair. This couple needs only to view this through the eyes of their God when He may say…….

“Well done good and faithful servants. You know how much I love children. You have given me much joy with the new arrival into My Kingdom. This child has been rewarded with a ‘free pass’ through the gates because of your love and guidance. The two of you, as parents, have done everything I have asked of you through your unselfish gift to Me. You are truly successful parents in the guidance of this child to its eternal home. You have made me proud. For this I will bless you in the future.”

Prayer:. ……… AMEN
Thought for the Day: If we accept the truth in hard times, our life will be made easier.