Ally Hibbitts
Romans 4:13-25
Moving to college was a tough transition for me personally. Living in a place such as Asheville, a city that prides itself on diversity and a judgement-free atmosphere, I had to learn how to be accepting of everyone of every background. I was scared no doubt, that I would lose my way and my faith too. I was afraid that all those years spent going to church would mean nothing. What I forgot was that God would not let me fail, even if I feel as though I had. I was reminded one Sunday by a friend that God’s promise was always with me as long as I remained faithful in His word and love. These days we all get so caught up in our daily problems, we forget that we have someone watching out for us. We forget that all we have to do to please God is to trust him and show others His love. I try to be conscious of this every day. Asheville is a place of diversity, a place where people can be themselves and feel no judgement from others. I have learned to love everyone and be the light of God for those who need it.

Prayer: Dear God, please grant us the courage and strength to believe in the promise You gave us. Grant us the compassion to show Your love and will to others. Show us how to be a beacon of light to others. In Your Name We Pray. Amen.