Rick Jones
John 5:30-47

My father had a “green thumb” and each year he had a garden. To this day I enjoy having a garden each year because it allows me to remember how proud my father was when he picked mature “veggies”.

When I was six years old, my dad asked me to assist him in planting a dogwood tree. Dad dug a hole for the small tree. Little did I realize then that he was teaching me to have an appreciation for growing things.
During the next seven years I watched the dogwood grow. I took it for granted that the tree would be around for decades.
When I was in the eighth grade, a powerful Nor’easter hammered Southeast Virginia for 36 hours. The dogwood I helped to plant was snapped off about four feet from the ground. I was devastated and felt like I had lost a friend.
Isn’t life like this? It takes decisive events for us to realize how fortunate we are. When we tragically lose a friend or family member, we wish we had told them everyday how much we loved them.
Each day God showers us with expressions of his unconditional love. John 13:34 tells us to love one another.
When was the last time you told a special relative you loved them?

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to become more aware of the many ways you bless and love us each day.
Thought For The Day: Jesus Christ can change ordinary into extraordinary.