June Hardy

The Authority of Truth.
John 5:19-29
In these passages Christ is defending himself against the Jewish leaders who are persecuting him, including wanting to kill him for proclaiming he is the Truth of who he is.

If we think about how the world responds to persecutions or threats of violence, we often see retaliation, in the forms of counter threats, or return acts of violence. A “might is right” mind set is focused on eliminating that which threatens our understanding of truths we have come to believe at a given place in time…over power it…better yet exterminate it!

Christ responds with the truth as his “weapon” in defending himself. In fact, he responds to them three times with the statement.. “Very Truly I tell you…”

His statements carry with him an authority or conviction, because of his very relationship to the Father. A relationship offered to bring eternal life and not death into the circumstances of our lives and world we live in.

We can experience this truth through seeing in this world. (v. 20).
We can hear the truth and choose to believe (v.24)
We can trust the promises of things yet to come (v. 28)
We can triumph, in being resurrected, in love, that will separate us from our enemies, now and forever
Prayer: Lord during this season of Lent reveal to us the things we need to sacrifice. A sacrifice that will gives us the eyes to see you, the ears to hear you, and the faith to claim the promises you have in store for us.
Thought for the Day: What is the sacrifice you need to make to expose the false truth(s) in your life this season to deepen your walk with Christ?