Anna Croft

John 4:43-54

Trusting Jesus

Just think how desperate he must have been – the royal official whose son lay dying. He knew that only a miracle could save his child. Jesus was in Galilee, and this was his only chance to save his son. It was a 16 mile journey from Capernaum to Cana; it would have taken him many hours of walking to reach Jesus.

When the father finally reached Jesus, he begged Jesus to come home with him to heal his child. Jesus told the man to “Go, your son will live”.

Trust is the acceptance of truth of a statement without evidence or investigation. The royal official immediately trusted Jesus, and turned to make the journey home. Can you imagine the journey home? Wondering and hoping? He only had the trust in Jesus’ word to keep him going. We know how this story ends. The official’s son was healed at the moment Jesus spoke the words.

We have so many blessings promised by Jesus, and the only condition is to trust in him. Jesus promises eternal life (John 6:40). We can trust in Jesus’ graciousness and power.
Prayer: Dear God, help me remember to trust in God’s love. Amen.