Elaine Rabon

Deuteronomy 10:12-22
Do you ever wonder, like me, “What does the Lord require of me?”
I guess we all wonder what is required of us and what God’s purpose is for us. Just what does God want us to do with our lives?

Am I doing what is required? Do I turn my back on God and do what “I think” I should be doing or want to do? Am I proceeding without prayer or listening to God’s voice inside me guiding me in His direction.

Deuteronomy tells us what God requires of us: We are to fear God, love God, and serve God with all our heart. “All”. We are to keep His commandments, do justice for orphans, widows, and strangers in our midst, providing food and clothing.

If we are not reading God’s word and praying daily, we can find ourselves in a wilderness running from God, being our own god and guide, resulting in us being miserable and without peace.

When we get back on track with God and find ourselves doing what He requires, we must step back and give God the Glory for any successes.
Prayer: Lord, open our hearts to hear You. Help us stay on a path toward Your light. We pray for wisdom to discern Your purpose for our lives by allowing You to guide us. We give You thanks for the peace we can find in You. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Thought for Day: Stay close to God through Jesus Christ and a peace that passes all understanding is the reward.