Wayne and Chris Herrick

Psalm 30:1-9 

Upon reflection of this passage, a recent experience of God’s faithfulness immediately came to mind.  We were concerned about a situation involving a few individuals that we care deeply about.  There was a restless night of weeping and praying for the people involved and asking God to use the situation for good and to wrap His arms around them so they could feel His love and strength.

“Joy comes in the morning” (vs. 5) is a biblical phrase that we have often said following a difficult period.  The very next morning in this situation, verse 5 came to life again for us.  We learned that some very positive steps forward had occurred and brought some relief to the hearts of those involved and those who were praying for God’s presence in the situation.  Hope filled our hearts and minds and praises of thanksgiving (vs. 4) were joyously lifted up.  Our God is truly an awesome God!  We can have peace in knowing that our concerns and requests can be given to Him, and God will respond in His time.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you for always hearing our joys, hurts, requests, and praises.  We are reminded of your blessings of faithfulness, love, and strength.  We long to learn what your leading is in each situation and give you the praise… Amen.

Thought for the Day:   Amidst the storms in life, remember that God will bring you peace and joy if you trust in Him.