Tom Holladay

Romans 3:21-31

Give of yourself and your talent in the spirit of the Lenten Season.

1. Do something to help someone you hardly know but appears to be struggling with life issues.
2. Listen to the plight of others and help in any ways you can, including financial support if there is a need and you can afford it.
3. Spend time with them as a friend and mean it.
4. Practice the “Golden Rule”.
5. Help clean up your community.
6. Invite someone less fortunate to your home to enjoy a meal with them. Show them ways that their actions are appreciated by others. Help them understand that they are truly one of God’s children and assist them in developing a stronger feeling of self worth and confidence.
7. Find a “pen pal” both at home and over seas. Develop the habit of regularly communicating with them.
8. Ask a friend that you respect for their permission to tell some others about the great things that this person is doing for society.
9. Take a person you don’t know very well out to dinner and patiently talk about the things that are important to them.
10. Help a person to understand how our economic and political system works in the real world. Emphasize why it is so important to our overall success that they should respect the laws and the basic goodness of people everywhere.
11. Keep reminding people that the majority of us all are really trying to do the best that we can and are not out to deliberately hurt anyone.

Prayer: Lord, please help us to always remember that the meaning of life is in “people” and not in the words they speak. Encourage us to continue to learn to recognize and appreciate this as a basic life lesson.