Join the Senior Pastor for a Wesleyan Fast

What Is It?
A fast is abstaining from food as a Spiritual Discipline.
A complete fast is water only, and a no-solid-food fast allows for milk, coffee and tea. Always fast in such a way that it does not compromise your health.

A Wesleyan Fast begins at sundown on Thursday, (no food after dinner) and ends at tea on Fridays, (mid-afternoon with a light snack.)

An Interesting Note: John Wesley would not ordain anyone to the Methodist Ministry who was unwilling to take part in the fast.  Most people who took part in the Methodist movement had experience with fasting.

What Happens When We Fast?

  • Through Fasting our spiritual sensitivity is heightened.
  • By denying our hunger for a time, we become more intensely aware of our dependency on God
  • Essentially Fasting makes our prayer more powerful and can also help us hear God more clearly.

Join the Senior Pastor for a Wesleyan Fast (not in location but by participation.)

When? The Thursdays and Fridays of Lent, beginning March 2, and concluding Holy Week, April 13 and 14.

What do we pray for?

  • Ourselves and our families
  • The mission of Memorial United Methodist Church
  • For the welfare of our community.

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