DECEMBER 21, 2020    

When I was a little girl, during Christmas I would see these beautiful white lit stars hanging on people’s porches. I always loved them, and they brought me so much joy when I would see them during this special time of year. I didn’t know the full purpose of the stars, nor did I know the true meaning of Christmas. The stars were a Moravian Christmas Star, and I always imagined and dreamed one day I would have one to display at my home when I became an adult.

Later in life, I learned the true meaning of Christmas and the star. It’s not about trees, Santa Claus, or receiving gifts; I found it’s much more. Christmas is celebrating our Savior’s day of birth and giving to others. The star was a symbol of hope guiding the people to our lord and savior on that special night in Bethlehem. God gave us his only son, what an incredible gift. In Matthew, Chapter 2, verse 2, it reflects, for they “saw his star in the far-off eastern lands.” And then in Matthew, Chapter 2, verses 9 and 10, it talks about the star again., it reflects “the star appeared to them again, standing over Bethlehem. Their joy knew no bounds.”

In January of 2019, I heard one of the most meaningful messages that was one of those lightbulb moments in my life. Our former Minister Ben Devoid said “follow the star all year long, not just at Christmas.” The star provides hope all year. Look at the star when we need help and God will always be there for us. Now, anytime I am going through a difficult time, or just having a bad day, I envision the star and think about those words; the star always provides hope all year. Not just during Christmas.

I imagine during this Christmas, and year, we all need to remember those words more than ever. I can imagine the star on that special night provided all the people hope, a hope they probably didn’t think or believe existed. Maybe like some of us feel in 2020. God’s son was born, and they or we would never have to walk that life alone, because he is always with us.

In 2007, Chris and I purchased our first home together. This was a year later, after he proposed to me on Christmas Eve of 2006. During that Christmas of 2007, Chris bought me one of those beautiful Moravian Christmas Stars. He remembered my story I had told him of when I was a little girl. Every year, we hang that beautiful star on our porch, and it is my favorite Christmas decoration. We even had a special plug installed for our star when building our current home.

Christmas is a special time of year for us, but even more special now that, in this time in my life, I know the true meaning of Christmas and have Jesus as my personal savior. I will always be thankful for Jesus and knowing he and the star are always there for me, no matter how badly I might fail sometimes.

Merry Christmas, Memorial United Methodist Church. We love you.
Jessica and Chris Poole

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