Ed and Frances Craddock
Jeremiah 26:1-16

If you turn on the television and watch any news program, in a short time the newscaster will be showing images or video of a protest. For this discussion it does not matter what the protest is about. Usually these protests may grow to a vast crowd of  people the longer the protest lasts.  Some in the crowd may not even know what the protest is for or even care to educate themselves before getting involved. It seems that crowds will draw more crowds.

Such as it was in Biblical times that the preaching of the Word drew crowds, but the reasons were different. When Jeremiah finished telling the crowd what the Lord commanded him to say, everyone thought it was terrible to prophesy in the Lord’s name. Instead of educating themselves on what was being said, the crowd was listening for ways to arrest Jeremiah to make him stop telling the truth.

In present day, if one encounters a street preacher it is normal to hurry past and pretend not to hear. The preaching of the Word does not draw crowds like protests do in our current time. Times have changed.

Prayer: Dear Lord, open our hearts to listen for your message to us in whatever form you send, whether it be a messenger on a street corner or several Christians who gather in your name. Help us to look for times in which we may spread your Word to those who need to hear.




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