An Easter Gift Your Child Will Never Forget!!!


Your child can watch his/her very own caterpillar change into a colorful, lively butterfly!! What could be a better way to bring them closer to the expectation and understanding of Easter?

The Painted Lady Caterpillars come with a life long supply of nutrient. They are self sufficient until the chrysalis stage — then you simply transfer them to the Butterfly box. When they become butterflies, they should be released in a few days.
(Life expectancy from that point is 2-3 weeks.)
You will receive a kit with complete instructions. It’s easy!

We will release the butterflies on Easter Sunday!!!
(This is WAY FUN!!!)

Return the completed form with payment to the Butterfly Table or the staff mailbox on the office door by March 12, 2017.
Make checks payable to “Memorial UMC” and earmark “Butterflies”.

The caterpillars will ship on March 17th and should arrive later that week! We will need a few folks to help sort the caterpillars upon arrival! You will need to pick up your caterpillar as soon as possible. They grow quickly!
DOWNLOAD the Easter Butterfly ORDER FORM (HERE)…………..Return to the Church by March 12th


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